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Wind Power Grid-tie System

Wind power grid-tie system A is is a semi-autonomous electrical generation or grid energy storage system which links to the mains to feed excess capacity generated by wind turbine back to the local main electrical grid. When insufficient electricity is generated electricity drawn from the mains grid can make up the shortfall.
Residences and businesses that have a wind power grid-tie system permitted in many countries to sell their energy to the utility grid. Electricity delivered to the grid can be compensated in either net metering or feed-in-tariff, HYE wind power grid-tie system offers complete system solutions for both compensation ways.
HYGCI series wind power grid-tie inverter is the core part of the whole system, the inverter is developed specially for HY series wind turbine according to HY series wind turbine special features with an optimized power curve pre-written into inverter and smart over-voltage braking protection, which offers a reliable combination of high efficiency, easy-installation, high wind protection and grid-failure protection.
Special Features
● Integrated Controller – easy for installation
● Integrated Isolation Transformer – extra safety protection
● Wider Input Voltage Range – harvesting more power from breeze to gale
● Programmable 20 Points of Power Curves – optimize power harvest from wind
● Optional Remote Monitoring system – Monitoring remotely your installation
● High Conversion Efficiency up to 95%
● Certified with DIN VED 0126-1-1 Grid Standard
● 5 Years Warranty
System Protections
High Wind Protection – software controlled braking system provides high wind protection with 3 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes time-lapse braking modes. It's a consideration of system safety under the worst wind condition in natural environment.
Galvanic Isolation Protection – HYGCI-15CL is constructed and designed to assure
maximum safety during installation and operation. The maximum possible degree of safety is being assured by galvanic isolation of input and output; In case of any grid AC power failure, the grid feed-in will be shut down automatically according to the country-specific standard (e.g. DIN VDE 0126-1-1)
Standard System Solutions
Estimated System Yearly Power Production (KWH)
 Remarks: Above system yearly power production is calculated base on annual average wind speed at 10 meter highfree-standing tower installation under standard air density 1.225KG/m³, actual system production may varies with installation site air density and surrounding obstacle etc. You may input your target installation site location at following website to check more accurate wind speed data. (