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Company History

2001 - Guangzhou HY Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established.
2002 - The fi rst generation wind turbine without mechanical speed limitation - HY- 500W was developed successfully.
2003 - The second generation wind turbine HY- 150W developed successfully, which marked the coming of mould production era on small wind turbine.
2004 - The key development year of HY Energy. The third generation wind turbine HY-400 developed successfully. HY-400 wind turbine won the reputation in the industry at home and abroad through the trial of wind and solar hybrid street light project in Osaka airport, Japan.
2005 - HY Energy won the bid for wind and solar hybrid residential system in Honghu, Hubei, which is one of the aid projects from Netherland government, and finished wind and solar hybrid street light projects in the Chongming Island.
2006 - With several wind and solar hybrid power system projects, HY Energy faced a great opportunity. HY 600W wind turbine went into production.
2007 - HY-2000W wind turbine launched, meanwhile key breakthrough of matching design on small wind turbine had been achieved.
2008 - The first 5 blades wind turbine which is suitable in low wind speed condition emerged in China. HY Energy developed quickly under the environment of international financial crisis and drew high attention in the industry.
2009 - HY Energy developed more quickly. In addition to wind and solar hybrid street light, the application of wind and solar hybrid system for road and forest anti-fire remote monitoring, telecom base station etc. made breakthrough, which has led a larger application in real circumstance.
2010 - HY Energy annual sales increased by 60% compared with last fiscal year, more applications were developed in China and abroad, especially wind-solar hybrid power landscape projects.
2011 - HY Energy added an extension building of production facility and deployed two more professional machines for quality & turbine efficiency testing, and factory annual production capacity exceeded 10,000 sets.
2012 - HY Energy next-generator wind turbine Pegasus 1.5KW wind turbine launched at New Energy Fair, Husum, Germany, and Pegasus wind turbine was selected as the most innovative wind turbine of the fair. By the end of 2012, HY Energy has accomplished total wind turbine production over 12,000pcs, wind turbine and wind solar hybrid system has been sold up to 88 countries. HY-600 & HY-1000 grid tie system installed total up to 6300 sets around Europe market.
2013 – HY Energy will remain strong and active in the work wind energy industry, and keep leading in wind turbine technology, innovation and wider system application.