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Wind Generator Powered Landscape Lighting

Wind Generator Powered Landscape Lighting Xuhui Binjiang Expo Square Shanghai - 2010

The project is done by HY energy in 2010, the landscape lighting of all square is powered by 11pcs of HY-3000L, 3KW 5 blade model, the 3 cabinet on the corner contains all charge controller, battery and inverter, and the lighting hours is preset on the controller, so the whole system could run total maintainance free. So far the system has been running for a year and half, and it's working smoothly and perfectly, all lights start to work on time and on full power, we believe results speak themselves. We expect you to visit this project once you pass by Shanghai. 

HY Energy can design the whole system according to your load and local natural resources, it can either be solo wind generator system or wind solar hybrid system. Please feel sent your detail inforamation to following address for prompt service.

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